Miami Corporate Director Liability Insurance Claims Lawyer

D & O Liability Insurance Disputes

Corporate directors and officers are frequent targets of lawsuits. If competitors, suppliers, employees, customers, shareholders or others are displeased with a company's actions, they can file a lawsuit against the corporation and the individual directors and officers.

A company purchases directors and officers liability insurance, also called D & O insurance, to protect the personal assets of its top leadership. Without this protection, a company's leaders could be held personally liable for millions of dollars in potential damages. The exposure to personal financial risk would be so great that few people would consider taking leadership positions.

The attorneys of Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin, P.A., represent clients in coverage disputes over corporate officers and directors liability insurance claims. We negotiate, mediate and litigate cases involving disputes over failure to defend officers and directors facing lawsuits as well as failure to indemnify — or pay — judgments against the officer or director.

The Issues in D & O Insurance Disputes

Disputes over corporate directors liability policies often revolve around two issues:

  • Who is covered? The Byzantine nature of corporate hierarchies, the overlapping membership of corporate boards of directors and the abstruse language of the insurance policy can make it difficult to define who is an insured person.
  • What is covered? More than many other types of insurance policies, corporate directors and officers liability insurance is a nest of exclusions. Our insurance lawyers will work to counter insurance companies' unreasonable interpretation or application of exclusions in order to achieve a resolution that is fair to our client.

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