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Does Your Florida House Have Mold Damage?

Due to hot and humid climate conditions, mold often attacks Florida homes that have suffered roof or window leaks. If you have mold damage in your house, seeking insurance coverage can be a very difficult task, particularly since many insurers have added mold exclusions to their insurance policies. This is why it is critical to have an experienced insurance dispute lawyer represent you.

Orlando Property Damage Lawyers

Since 1995, the attorneys at Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin, P.A., have helped homeowners resolve claim disputes with insurance companies. Our Miami coverage for mold damage attorneys have a deep understanding of and experience with Florida laws pertaining to homeowners insurance and construction defect claims. Whether you are the individual homeowner, condo association, builder, developer or contractor, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to learn how we can help resolve your insurance coverage dispute.

Florida Laws and Mold Damage

Florida is home to many swamps and wetlands. This can make a seemingly clean home into a breeding ground for mold. Roof and window leaks can also eventually cause mold damage. This is especially problematic for homes with children, who can have adverse reactions to mold such as allergies and asthma attacks.

Insurance companies often deny mold damage claims, citing various exclusions within the policy and asserting that mold is not a covered occurrence. Obtaining mold damage coverage can be a difficult area of the law. Our attorneys have an extensive knowledge of insurance coverage laws in Florida and can make various arguments on your behalf, especially if the mold resulted from a covered event such as a windstorm. We are prepared to negotiate, mediate and if necessary, litigate. Let us discuss the specifics of your mold damage case and the best possible approach in seeking coverage.

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