Delays in Payment of Claims

Delayed Insurance Payment Disputes

You file a claim with your insurance company, and then you wait. Weeks and months go by and still you don't receive payment.

A Common Concern

At Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin, P.A., our insurance law attorneys have heard innumerable variations on this theme. Many of our clients have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the delayed payment issue themselves. After about a year goes by, they often realize they need help and contact our law firm. You don't have to wait that long. Our insurance legal team is available to help you seek the insurance payments that are owed to you.

When insurance companies unreasonably delay payments, we take legal action to force them to live up to their obligations to policyholders. In some cases, a single letter from our office will resolve the issue. Other cases may require more extended negotiation, mediation or litigation.

The Motive for Delay

Denied or delayed insurance payments and underpayment of claims protect the insurance company's financial position. Every day the insurance payment is delayed is another day the company collects interest on the money. The company may send out multiple insurance adjusters, consult an expert or request further information — all in an attempt to keep and profit from the money that rightfully belongs to the policyholder.

Our insurance lawyers understand these tactics and know how to counter them. After resolving the delayed payment dispute, we may, in some cases, pursue punitive damages by showing that the insurance company acted in bad faith.

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