Miami Professional Errors and Omission Insurance Claims Attorney

Professional Malpractice Insurance

Professional malpractice insurance protects lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers and other licensed professionals from lawsuits over alleged errors and omissions in their work.

Professional malpractice insurance would protect, for example, an accountant who is sued over alleged shortcomings in an audit. The insurance company would be obligated to provide, at its own expense, a legal defense to the lawsuit. If it loses the case, the insurer must pay the judgment against the policyholder.

Delayed, Denied or Rescinded

Delayed claims, denied claims or policy rescission can jeopardize a professional practice in a number of ways. Without the insurance proceeds, the practice may not have the capital available to continue operations. Delays in the resolution of disputes can also lead the aggrieved third party to file complaints with the professional licensing authority. The result can be a firm that is drained of assets and a professional who is stripped of his or her license.

Our insurance lawyers know that a professional malpractice claim dispute puts your ability to practice your profession and earn a living at risk. We work to achieve a prompt and just resolution to the dispute. Should we prevail in the coverage dispute, we will determine whether it is appropriate to pursue punitive damages against insurers that acted in bad faith by putting their interests over those of the policyholder.

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