Miami Underpayment of Claims Lawyers

Helping Policyholders Obtain Full Value for Claims

You buy insurance and pay the premiums so the benefits will be there when you need them most — after a fire, a hurricane, an auto accident or other covered event. Yet, it sometimes takes months or years for the insurance company to fully pay the claim.

Underpayment of Claims

Insurers sometimes undervalue policyholder claims. When they have an urgent need for the money, policyholders are more likely to accept a fast payment, even if it is significantly less than what they deserve. Many do not have the time or financial resources to spend months negotiating with the insurance company.

The insurance claim disputes attorneys of Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin, P.A., have represented policyholders in cases involving underpayment of claims since 1995. We will review the policy and other documents to determine the insurance company's obligation to you. Then we will take action to negotiate, mediate or litigate a fair resolution to your dispute. Contact one of our Miami underpayment of claims lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

A Simple Mistake or Insurance Bad Faith?

Underpayment of an insurance claim can be a simple error by the insurance company. It can also be an example of the insurance company's general practice of placing its own interests above those of the policyholder. In the latter case, we may, when appropriate, pursue punitive damages against the insurer in an insurance bad faith lawsuit after prevailing in the underlying coverage case.

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