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Why business owners can't afford to neglect hurricane preparation

Even though we are only a month and a half into the 2017 hurricane season, much of the initial urgency to take action that was otherwise so evident in the days in and around June 1 has now subsided.

Much of this can undoubtedly be attributed to the dearth of turbulent weather -- and the fact that hurricanes are more likely to develop in the fall-- as well as the need for people to deal with more immediate everyday concerns.

For car insurance rates, it's location, location, location

While a trip to the mailbox was always an entertaining excursion as a child, things change dramatically once you become an adult. That's because there is a very good chance that your daily trip to retrieve the mail will be rewarded with a stack of junk mail and, of course, bills.

One bill in particular that always seems to come out of nowhere to demand a considerable sum is car insurance. However, as shocking as a car insurance bill might be, the reality is that you may actually have things easier than your fellow Floridians.

TV host sues insurance co. for not paying

In a case of stars are just like us, people who have problems with their insurance companies, Saved by the Bell fans across Florida may be surprised to hear Mario Lopez is suing his insurance company. As the Daily Mail reports, Lopez and his wife had their $2.6 million home severely damaged by floods and their insurance company refused to pay the claim.

Flooding and intense wind created a mudslide that left the host of the television show Extra to find his hillside backyard had fallen down onto the road below. Photos the star posted to social media show his home directly in front of a cliff that was his former back yard. This caused the home damages that reach into the tens of thousands, and an enormous amount of cleanup was required. 

How much will that moving violation really cost you?

In our last post, we discussed how a recent study by the website found that parents with teen drivers in their household should be prepared to pay substantially higher auto insurance premiums.

Interestingly enough, the same website recently released another study examining the degree to which moving violations can affect auto insurance rates. As with the previous study, people may be in for a shock.

Study: Parents of teen drivers should expect to pay much more for insurance

For many teenagers, there's no better feeling than emerging from the Department of Motor Vehicles knowing that they've successfully passed their driver's license exam. Indeed, they are now free to drive themselves to school, work, extracurriculars and, of course, social obligations.

While parents are understandably happy for their teenagers, they are also understandably a little concerned. That's because their new drivers will face more danger on the road owing to their inexperience and, to a lesser extent, they will likely increase the amount owed for car insurance.

How insurance can help business owners manage supply chain disruptions - II

Last time, our blog discussed how those business owners whose operations are reliant upon timely deliveries of raw materials, parts or finished products to and from places near and far must make regular evaluation of logistics an absolute priority.

That's because any sudden downturn or disruption in the supply chain can have immediate consequences on production, distribution and, most significantly, profitability. As we also started discussing, however, the good news is that there are steps business owners can take to protect their interests in this regard.

How insurance can help business owners manage supply chain disruptions

As a business owner, you do everything in your power to ensure that you are set up for continued success from streamlining the production process to reevaluating logistics. This latter action is especially important if your operations are reliant upon regular deliveries of parts, raw materials or finished products from other parts of the state, nation or the world.

Indeed, any disruption or downturn in supply can serve to disrupt production and distribution, drive up costs, decrease market share, and diminish profitability.  

Hurricane season is officially here

Most people might not realize it, but today is actually the first day of the 2017 hurricane season, which runs until the end of November. While we can only hope that this year proves to be relatively uneventful, experts have already indicated that we might not be so lucky.

Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report forecasting as many as 11 to 17 named storms in the Atlantic Ocean, including five to nine hurricanes and two to four named storms, thanks to a weak El Nino system and warm sea-surface temperatures.

Why drivers must always think twice about high water

Whether you live in Orlando or Omaha, chances are good that you've encountered one of those days where the rain isn't just heavy, but torrential. Indeed, the aftermath of these types of heavy downpours is frequently property damage, rivers and streams overflowing their banks and, of course, pools of water.

Regarding this last point, most people have encountered these pools of water on the roads and highways, likely experiencing some hesitation about driving ahead, perhaps waiting to see another fellow motorist traverse through it successfully before proceeding.

Understanding insurance options before setting sail -- II

Last time, we discussed how one of the best parts of calling Florida home is the ready access to water -- from the miles of coastline to the many freshwater rivers and lakes -- and how this reality makes owning some manner of watercraft almost mandatory.

We also started exploring more about what those looking to get in on this maritime merriment should anticipate in terms of insurance, including what options are available, and how much it will cost.