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Tuition insurance coverage questioned by mental health advocates

Mon Jul 25th, 2011 on     Insurance Claims,    

Miami parents who are getting their kids ready for college right now may not know of a financial planning tool available to them. Actually, it’s available to anyone in a private educational institution, kindergarten through the end of college. It is tuition insurance. But, like all insurance products, before you buy, you need to look closely at the fine print and figure out what is covered — and what is not covered.

Flood insurance reprieve in sight for Florida homeowners

Wed Jul 13th, 2011 on     Insurance Claims,    

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill renewing and revising the National Flood Insurance Program this week. If passed by the Senate and signed by the president, the program would be authorized for five years, starting October 1 of this year. With the property insurance market in Florida in disarray, the prospect of flood coverage should ease some anxiety.

The Health Insurance Code: ICD, CPT, EOB and why you should care, p 2

Wed Jul 6th, 2011 on     Insurance Claims,    

We’re continuing our discussion of health care billing codes, the alphabet soup that appears on medical bills and health insurance explanation of benefits forms. The average consumer may not know or pay attention to these codes, but these numbers and alphanumeric character strings are key to understanding why the insurer has denied or delayed payment of a claim.

The Health Insurance Code: ICD, CPT, EOB and why you should care

Fri Jul 1st, 2011 on     Insurance Claims,    

When Dan Brown is done with religious iconography, perhaps he can turn his pen to demystifying the health insurance claims process. It’s hard to imagine Tom Hanks as a world-renown health and insurance law professor called in to help the beautiful and equally learned daughter of an HMO claims adjuster who has mysteriously disappeared, but it is not hard to imagine that there are many in Florida saying, “Better him than me.”

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