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January 2013 Archives

Will insurance company pay after boulder crushes bedroom?

In an incident that would be very scary to any homeowner in Miami-Dade County, a woman in another state is lucky to be alive after a boulder rolled downhill and crashed into their home. The boulder crushed the wall and rolled into the couple's bedroom, badly injuring the woman. Now the woman, her husband and the home's owner are hoping the homeowners insurance company will help with the repair costs.

Insurance changes could be coming to Florida residents

Living in Florida has its benefits, sun, warm weather and great beaches, but it also has a major downfall - hurricanes. Last week the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee announced that it is making changes to homeowners insurance in an effort to protect Floridians.

Genetic testing could hurt your future insurance coverage

For those of us who have had health insurance for a while, the likelihood of being denied for a claim is pretty high. But what if getting a genetic test could be used against you so that you weren't able to get insured in the future?

Insurer sued by car maker for claim denial of $33 million

This blog just wrote yesterday about the havoc that Superstorm Sandy has wreaked on the insurance market. People have had to suffer through endless delays in getting the money that they deserve to help them get back on their feet. What many may not think about is the damage the storm had on several businesses, which may have also lost a ton of property.

'Homeowner's bill of rights' will help Sandy-affected citizens

This blog has already discussed the devastating impact that Superstorm Sandy has had on homeowners along the northern half of the East Coast. Numerous people were literally left out in the cold when their homes were destroyed and insurance companies slow-walked the processing of insurance claims.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may finally have treatment

One of the problems anyone who has filed a long-term disability insurance claim in Miami has had is proving disability. Oftentimes, insurance companies will try very hard to deny benefits by claiming an applicant is not disabled or by arguing that while the applicant may not be able to perform his or her old job, there are still things that he or she can do. Sometimes, insurance companies may deny someone their insurance claims because the company has said the individual is not permanently disabled. Working with a disability insurance attorney, however, may be one of the best ways to get the disability insurance benefits an applicant deserves.

Art just for art's sake? Insurance issues flood art market post-Sandy p2

We are continuing our discussion of the considerable losses experienced by art galleries during Hurricane, or Superstorm, Sandy. The insurance industry has been making predictions for total claims payouts since a few hours after the rain and wind stopped, but the damage to businesses that sell or display original artworks did not make it into the early estimates. In the grander scheme of things, when entire coastal communities were decimated and buildings in one of the biggest cities in the world sustained damage that will take months to repair, a niche like art galleries may seem inconsequential.

Art just for art's sake? Insurance issues flood art market post-Sandy

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc with many things this past fall. People in Florida and all up and down the coast watched with dismay as the storm battered many parts of the country, killing 132 and causing damage to property. Communities are still struggling in the storm's aftermath. The total cost to the insurance industry of all claims arising from the storm is expected to be close to $25 billion, almost rivaling the costs experienced when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

New Year's may mean new insurance headaches for Florida drivers 2

If Jan. 1, 2013, was anything like Jan. 1, 2012, about 25 percent more accidents occurred on Florida's roads than would occur on a normal Tuesday. A leading auto insurer discovered the spike in last year's claims in a recent study, as we discussed in our last post. Claims filed for New Year's 2013 may follow the pattern, but they will look much different in other ways, thanks to the state's new insurance laws.