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Insurance company sued for breach of faith, breach of contract 3

Thu Apr 25th, 2013 on     Bad Faith Insurance,    

We are continuing our series about an unusual bad faith insurance case. As we have said, the case does not directly involve Florida residents or insurance policies that were purchased here. We thought the case was worth some time because it is an unusual insurance coverage dispute that involves high-profile individuals and, of course, a whiff of scandal.

Insurance company sued for breach of faith, breach of contract 4

Thu Apr 25th, 2013 on     Bad Faith Insurance,    

This is the last post in our series about a breach of faith insurance claim brought by actor Keith Carradine’s ex-wife, Sandra Will Carradine, against her insurance company. She claims that she contacted her insurance company in 2006 when her ex-husband sued her. The insurer neither accepted nor rejected her claim until 2011, when it finally agreed to provide a defense. She is now suing the insurance company for the money she spent on her own defense during those five years.

Insurance company sued for breach of faith, breach of contract 2

Sun Apr 21st, 2013 on     Bad Faith Insurance,    

It isn’t often that you run across a story about insurance that is even close to being tabloid fodder. We feel it incumbent on us to seize on those rare occasions, then, even if the cases are not from Florida. The insurance carrier in the story, State Farm (technically, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company), certainly does business in Florida, but the people involved do not live here, and the events leading up to the claim did not happen here.

Homeowners say insurer’s coverage increase was breach of contract 2

Sat Apr 6th, 2013 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

We are continuing our discussion from our last post. The subject is a class action lawsuit filed in a Florida federal court in which the plaintiffs say their homeowners insurance company increased their coverage and raised their premiums without their consent. Generally, state law dictates that an insurance company notify policyholders of any change in coverage in writing, allowing policyholders enough time to cancel their policies without incurring penalties.

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