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June 2014 Archives

State insurance regulator tells Pasco to just say 'no'

The subject of insurable interest does not come up often. It looks as if the last time we touched on it here was almost four years ago. Those posts (here) covered some basic insurance concepts, but they were not about a Florida case. Now, thanks to an offer from a group of investors, Pasco County has its own insurable interest story to tell.

Insurers know: The sky is falling and the water is rising p3

In April 2013, it rained especially hard in Chicago for two days. According to local news outlets, some areas reported as much as 6.69 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. And that was just the first round of storms.

Insurers know: The sky is falling and the water is rising p2

When we hear about insurance companies involved in lawsuits, it usually has something to do with suspected fraud, a denied claim or bad faith. The lawsuit we started to talk about in our last post struck us as unusual on just about every level -- well, most levels, because the bottom line is still insurers' bottom lines. They are arguing over property insurance claims they believe they should not have been forced to pay.

Insurers know: The sky is falling and the water is rising

One of the things critics of the insurance industry sometimes overlook is that most insurance companies are businesses, not charitable organizations. That means insurers have to answer to shareholders, and shareholders want their investments to grow. Insurance companies provide a valuable service, even a social good, but they are just as subject to pressure to make a profit as the corner drugstore or Exxon Mobile Corp.

Life insurance payouts and slayer statutes add to family's burden p5

Charles and Judy Cox must have mixed emotions as December 6 nears. That Saturday will mark the fifth anniversary of their daughter's disappearance. It will also mark the end of that terrible waiting period that families must endure between a disappearance and an official declaration of death. The Coxes' daughter, Susan Powell, may or may not have been murdered by her husband in 2009, and the state will finally acknowledge what so many have believed for a long time: She is not coming back.

Florida insurance dispute involves mobile home coverage

One 83-year-old Florida mobile home owner found his homeowner's insurance policy terminated just 10 days before the hurricane season was to begin. The homeowner was in a state of disbelief and depressed about his current circumstances. Fortunately, after inquiries were made the coverage was reinstated.

Payment of long-term care policies often delayed or denied

Many long-term-care insurance policies do pay out. However, according to attorneys and consumer advocates there are a number of circumstances when individuals will spend a substantial amount of time trying to collect upon these policies.

Life insurance payouts and slayer statutes add to family's burden p4

The tragedy of the Susan Powell case is almost unimaginable. The wife and mother of two disappeared in 2009. Her husband, Josh, was a suspect but was never charged. Not too long after Susan's disappearance, Josh killed himself and the couple's two sons.

Life insurance payouts and slayer statutes add to family's burden p3

We are discussing a court decision about life insurance policy payouts under unusual circumstances. Generally, the insurance company pays the beneficiary as soon as it learns of the insured's death. If the company cannot locate the beneficiary, it retains the payout for a set period of time before turning it over to the state. Florida has been instrumental in holding life insurance companies' feet to the fire, so to speak, to make sure they actively search for the beneficiary.