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December 2014 Archives

Policy cancellations: You can't fire me - or can you?

The enrollment period for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act closes at noon today. Chances are good that those of us who have put this off to the very last minute will have a tremendous sense of relief when it's finally taken care of. There is a certain comfort that comes from knowing that your insurance is in place for another year.

If you're injured at work, can you sue your employer for damages? p3

We are finishing up our series about a Florida Supreme Court decision that the appellate court said could clear up some confusion about workers' compensation coverage. The issue was whether an employee's widow can file a workers' comp claim as well as a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you're injured at work, can you sue your employer for damages? p2

We're continuing our discussion of the recent Florida Supreme Court decision regarding workers' compensation insurance. An employee was killed on the job, and his widow received a settlement under the employer's workers' comp insurance as well as a $9.5 million damage award in a wrongful death lawsuit. The employer's insurance company refused to pay the damage award from the lawsuit.

Is it hot in here? Not if you're a force-placed insurance company

In September 2012, we wrote a post about force-placed insurance with the catchy title, "Force-placed insurance companies feeling the heat." At the time, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners was just beginning to look into the practice, and Florida was dubbed "Ground Zero" for what regulators believed was an unfair business practice. Two years ago, force-placed insurance (also called "lender-placed insurance") was the looming sub-scandal of the housing crisis.

Homeowners insurance claim disputes regarding exclusions

Sometimes, an event will occur, such as a fire, which causes a significant amount of damage to a person's home and the property in their home. After such an event, one thing a homeowner will often do is file a claim with their homeowners insurance provider to try to get financial relief for the property damage. Among the things homeowners insurance generally includes is property insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for homeowners for certain types of property damage.