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June 2015 Archives

Do you understand what your homeowners insurance covers?

Our firm has been representing home insurance policy-holders in disputes with their insurers for more than two decades, and we have seen far too many examples of insurers that try to get away with paying homeowners less than they are entitled to.

With fewer dollars to spend, Floridians spend more on insurance

There are few things you can really count on these days, but one of them is that Florida will rank among the most expensive states for insurance. We ranked third overall in a report recently released by financial analysis website The researchers looked at the average costs of homeowners, health, life and auto insurance in each state and the District of Columbia and then determined what portion of the state's median household income was spent on insurance.

You have a consumer advocate, so why do you need a lawyer?

The Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate is celebrating its unofficial 25th anniversary this year. The Florida Insurance Commissioner originally created the office in 1990. The Legislature, however, did not adopt the governing statutes until 1992. The advocate is now appointed by and reports to the state's Chief Financial Officer but operates, as the position always has, as an independent entity.

An insurer's failure to defend: stark concern for any policyholder

Although insurance-related considerations and needs are of course quite different in many respects for homes and businesses, respectively, they certainly do coalesce in one very important way, namely this: Regardless of the nature of a property, its owners need to protect against third-party liability in instances where it is alleged that some danger or defect resulted in personal injury.

Florida Supreme Court rules in Citizens bad faith case p3

We are finishing up our discussion of the recent Florida Supreme Court decision regarding bad faith claims against state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Again, an insurance company that puts its own interests first -- ahead of a policyholder's interest -- is acting in bad faith. The rule only holds for private insurers, though, and Citizens is a government entity. Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, as well as state law, Citizens cannot be sued.