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March 2016 Archives

Helping disabled policyholders secure the benefits to which they are entitled

When a person develops a debilitating disease or suffers some sort of incapacitating injury, it can be devastating on multiple levels. For instance, they may no longer be able to enjoy their favorite hobbies, engage in as many family activities or even continue working in their chosen profession.

How much do you know about commercial general liability policies?

From inventory and bookkeeping to pricing and personnel, business owners of all sizes are confronted with the need to make decisions from day one. While all of these decisions are important to the long-term success of an operation, it goes without saying that some are clearly more significant than others.

State lawmakers considering bill to expand sinkhole insurance coverage

The number of sinkholes here in Florida has risen to altogether alarming levels over the last decade, particularly in places like Citrus, Hernando and Pasco counties, which have earned the unfortunate nickname "sinkhole alley."

Florida homeowners premiums still higher than any other state's

No one, it seems, has a longer memory than a homeowners insurance company. Florida has not suffered a hurricane since 2005, but insurance companies, particularly Citizens Property Insurance Corp., continue to increase premiums as if Dennis, Katrina and Wilma were planning a comeback. "For the first time on the same stage, ladies and gentlemen …."