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July 2016 Archives

Some tips for saving money amid jumps in home insurance costs

As much as people can take comfort in the fact knowing that their home -- their most important asset -- is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, there's no denying that this comfort comes at price. In fact, all indications are that this price is going to become even steeper in the coming months -- if it hasn't already.

Why are two insurers seeking a major rate hike for long-term care policies?

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation recently announced that it will be holding a public hearing in just a few weeks to discuss requests by two of the state's largest long-term care insurers to raise the rates paid by customers to a considerable degree.

Why adult children who inherit homes can't forget about insurance

Once the initial shock and sorrow of losing a parent subsides, the real work typically begins for surviving children. That's because in addition to coping with their lingering grief, they must also ensure that friends and family members are notified, funeral arrangements are made and, of course, estate administration matters are properly addressed.

How much do you know about business interruption insurance?

As a small business owner, you do everything in your power to ensure not just that your operations thrive, but that they are protected in the event of the unforeseeable. While this means taking steps like securing a commercial general liability insurance policy, it also means securing commercial property insurance.