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October 2016 Archives

Citizens' depopulation efforts continue in Monroe County

Over the course of 2016, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has made a series of announcements that could best be described as upbeat. For example, the state-run non-profit indicated early in the year that its catastrophe funds were carrying a balance of close to $17 billion in cash and bonds, such that it was "in the strongest financial position" since its inception back in 2002.

Helping hold insurance companies responsible for acting in bad faith

While it can undoubtedly be painful to write out a check once a month, once every six months or once a year to cover an insurance premium, it can nevertheless grant you, the policyholder, much-needed peace of mind. Indeed, you might feel secure knowing that should the unexpected and the unfortunate occur, your best interests will be protected -- at least from a financial perspective.

Reports show Matthew-related damage might not be as bad as originally feared

It goes without saying that as soon as Hurricane Matthew was forecast to hit Florida, insurance companies doing business in the state almost immediately began preparing for worst-case scenarios. Indeed, initial projections were showing that certain areas of the Sunshine State could experience catastrophic damage.

Citizens urging customers to look out for AOB scams post-Matthew

While the phones at state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corporation -- the insurer of last resort for thousands of Florida property owners who cannot otherwise secure the necessary coverage on the private market -- will undoubtedly be ringing off the hook in the coming weeks due to the fallout from Hurricane Matthew, officials want the call volume to be even higher.

Experts offer advice on post-Matthew insurance measures

Now that Hurricane Matthew has all but exited Florida, continuing to make its way up the Atlantic Coast, people are slowly starting to come out from shelters or return home, eager to assess the fallout from the strongest storm to hit the state in roughly ten years.

Just how helpful is Florida's insurance website for consumers?

While most people view their state's department of insurance as the government agency tasked with everything from licensing and regulating insurers to addressing complaints and controlling rates, it's important to understand that they also exist to educate consumers about this sometimes arcane topic, enabling them to make informed decisions about their policy coverage.