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November 2016 Archives

Insurers making health insurance denials based on bad faith

Health insurers are not consumer-oriented protectors in our dog-eat-dog healthcare system of today. In fact, in Florida and elsewhere, some of the greatest heartache and family suffering has been caused by wrongful decisions of health insurers. It is common these days to receive a denial of health insurance coverage based on illogical and irrational reasons. These decisions are so hurtful to consumers that some of them must seek bankruptcy relief while others suffer permanent credit record blemishes for outlandish medical bills that they cannot pay.

Understanding insurance bad faith and other important issues

In general, insurance companies owe their policyholders the duties to defend and to indemnify, meaning the obligation to provide a legal defense against claims filed by third parties that fall within the scope of the policy and the obligation to make payments to their customers for valid claims, respectively.

Do more advanced safety features mean greater insurance savings?

When the day finally arrives for a person to take the plunge and purchase a new car after years of driving the same vehicle, they will find that much has changed. These changes aren't just confined to things like engines, fuel economy and interior features, however, but also safety.