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Study: Parents of teen drivers should expect to pay much more for insurance

For many teenagers, there's no better feeling than emerging from the Department of Motor Vehicles knowing that they've successfully passed their driver's license exam. Indeed, they are now free to drive themselves to school, work, extracurriculars and, of course, social obligations.

How insurance can help business owners manage supply chain disruptions - II

Last time, our blog discussed how those business owners whose operations are reliant upon timely deliveries of raw materials, parts or finished products to and from places near and far must make regular evaluation of logistics an absolute priority.

How insurance can help business owners manage supply chain disruptions

As a business owner, you do everything in your power to ensure that you are set up for continued success from streamlining the production process to reevaluating logistics. This latter action is especially important if your operations are reliant upon regular deliveries of parts, raw materials or finished products from other parts of the state, nation or the world.

Why drivers must always think twice about high water

Whether you live in Orlando or Omaha, chances are good that you've encountered one of those days where the rain isn't just heavy, but torrential. Indeed, the aftermath of these types of heavy downpours is frequently property damage, rivers and streams overflowing their banks and, of course, pools of water.

Understanding insurance options before setting sail -- II

Last time, we discussed how one of the best parts of calling Florida home is the ready access to water -- from the miles of coastline to the many freshwater rivers and lakes -- and how this reality makes owning some manner of watercraft almost mandatory.

Understanding insurance options before setting sail

One of the primary advantages of living in Florida, apart from the countless sunny days, lush greenery and ecological diversity, is the seemingly endless water access. Indeed, those looking to swim, kayak or take a boat out on the water can pick from any spot along the miles of sandy coastline, or spend their time out on one of the state's many rivers or lakes.

Insurance concerns from Hurricanes Hermine, Matthew linger

At this time of the year, most people are focused on preparations, gatherings and all things holiday-related. Indeed, it's probably safe to say that the last thing on the minds of many Floridians are the two major hurricanes that hit the state this past fall -- Hurricane Hermine in September and Hurricane Matthew in October.

Do more advanced safety features mean greater insurance savings?

When the day finally arrives for a person to take the plunge and purchase a new car after years of driving the same vehicle, they will find that much has changed. These changes aren't just confined to things like engines, fuel economy and interior features, however, but also safety.

Update: Firm completes study on elimination of PIP insurance

Back in May, our blog discussed how officials here in Florida had commissioned a $125,000 study to examine the economic impact, if any, of repealing the state's embattled Personal Injury Protection System, a move that came about after efforts by lawmakers to reform the state's no-fault insurance system and, by extension, curb rising auto insurance premiums, failed to produce the desired results.